Friday, September 30, 2011

Cool Overunity Motor

Some cool overunity motor Work:

Question by Curtis: how to develop overunity motor?
I want to construct a modest pulse engine with possibly a joule thief circuit to energy little appliances

Best answer:
Answer by DavidNo one in the history of mankind has ever done this, and the individuals who have claimed to have been shown to be either mistaken or frauds. Benjamin Franklin uncovered one well-known fraud along these lines -- it turned out that the energy source for the device was a little

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cool Perpetual Motion Machines

Check out these perpetual motion machines machine:

Question by caltam84: How is it that creating perpetual motion machines is impossible?
A violation of the laws of physics.

I know that other impossibilities contain time travel, telekinesis, and quicker than light travel.

Can anybody give me some examples of perpetual motion machines?

Very best answer:
Answer by BeckyCats always land on their feet
toast constantly land butter/jam side down

strap a piece of toast butter/jam side up on

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Nice motor magnetic energy plans

Check out these machines magnetic energy engine Infernal overdrive with O'Brien, Allston MA, January 16, 2010 Peak year Following the Overdrive Infernal Facebook gender Heavy Rock members • Marc Schleicher - lead guitar and vocals • Richmond-Miele - Guitar and Vocals • Mike Bennett - Lead Battery • Lead Guitar Keith Schleicher Low On internet site MySpace Facebook href =""rel =" nofollow "> ReverbNation href

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wHeRe DiD eVeRYbOdY gO hD on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley

Check out these zero point energy machine:

Where DiD Everyone gO hD on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley

Image by Ralph Buckley
2012 Consciousness Awakening

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Keeping Energy Dollars In Minnesota

Some recent Renewable Energy Tip on residence:

Minnesotans spend at least billion a year for power. Most of that funds goes to other states that are wealthy in fossil fuels and leaves Minnesota with polluted air and water. With the proper policies, Minnesotaaposs transition to clean energy can bring those dollars home to communities throughout our state in the coming decades. The following speakers clarify how distributed wind and solar power differs from centralized or base energy and

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FREE ENERGY POWER GENERATOR at home with used car alternators4

Most well-known free power energy in house:

I use 3 car alternator and create 43 amp of 12 volt u can chage ur 6 batteries bank in 40 menuts and u can use 4000watt invertor on it can used as battery charger and house electricity

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Free Energy Plans - Create your own Solar Cells!

Some current totally free energy plans Tip on residence:

Get the plans NOW: Regardless of whether you want to lessen your electricity bill, get rid of it fully or even start getting paid for the extra electricity you create, the Power4Home system is the correct resolution for

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Cool Sustainable Energy

Check out these sustainable energy machine:

Question by Really like of Truth: What is more essential to reduce our power expenditures or to switch to sustainable technologies?
It appears most American's do not actually want to cut back on their life-style to cut power usage but could be open to making use of far more efficient technologies and or sustainable energies.

America expends an exponential quantity much more of power than any other nation in the globe industrial or developing. It

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Nice Green Energy Technology Plans

A couple of good green power technologies powerplan I identified:

Outlet Vampire 1

Image by PNNL - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are working on new technologies in power production and conservation.

For more information, check out

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Cool Zero Point Field

A couple of nice zero point field powerplan I discovered:

Zero Point Field

Image by chiselwright

Question by highwayman: How do you effect the zero point field?
You can somehow manipulate the energy to manipulate objects, or have premonitions. I know that extreme focus assists you do it, but what else?

Very best answer:
Answer by Meaghan ClokeGod gave you a physique and that body is how you move physical objects. Your mind directs the body, which then does or does not do.
That stated,

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Awakening to Zero Point by Gregg Braden - Part 1

Most popular zero point in home:

Video Rating: four /

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Cool Free Energy Plans

Check out these totally free power machines plans: 08-5037 Peak year Dylan Passmore What this indicates to sell an SUV these days takes. Ironic that a drive-thru in the Hintergrund.Locale: Toronto, OntarioKanadaRating: / 5Keywords: Auto, automobile, vehicles, energy, gas, planning, transport, urban landscape question Edward .? It is illegal to sell "cost-free energy" plans I can not believe it's 2009 and individuals continue to sell perpetual motion and cost-free energy plans. Is not

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Magnet motor Free energy Perpetual motion

Some recent perpetual motion motor Tip on property:

Go to : www.MEGenerator.comtutorial and testimony of creating a magnetic free of charge power device that generates totally free electric energy for residence use, to locate out how this has been accomplished check out Follow this easy set of plans to build your own Magniwork Magnetic Electricity Generator for your property or organization. A complete program can be built AND installed easily, and for much less than !

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Elelectric and Cheap Electricity with Magniwork Review

Most popular low cost electricity in property:

www.MagEnergy.ustutorial and testimony of developing a magnetic totally free power device that generates free electric energy for residence use, to uncover out how this has been done go to Follow this easy set of plans to construct your own Magniwork Magnetic Electricity Generator for your house or business. A complete program can be built AND installed effortlessly, and for much less than ! The Magniwork plans are acquiring

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

FREE ENERGY Generator Power - Simply Homemade (yes!)

power efficiency totally free, you should keep in mind: generating totally free electricity from a generator old vehicle! (Also: How can a magnet instead of a

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Magnet Motor Power on zero power:

HMMMMMMMMM WEIRD MOTOR SPINS FREELY WITH MAGNETS HMMMMMMMMM is IT OVERUNITY HMMMMMMMMM I Believed THIS WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO WOW !!!!!!! scal it up with larger magnets CONNECT a vehicle ALTERNATOR TO IT AND CHARGE UP SOME BATTERIES MAN THIS VIDEO IS Incredible Achieving acceleration from just magnets interacting, as appears to be the case here, is genuinely remarkable. It certainly is not ready for marketplace not close but it is proof of concept that

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Perendev And Bedini Magnetic Motors

Most well-liked magnetic motor in home:

Video is from Google Videos. American Antigravity. "I do not like the term perpetual-motion", says Sterling D. Allan, founder of Pure Power Systems.... whatever you may well call it, the Perendev & Bedini Motors that Sterling brought to TeslaTech 2005 undoubtedly caused a stir. Check out our conference video for close-up footage & descriptions of both motors in operation! In Sterling's words: "The Perendev motor replication was built by Douglas K.

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Cool Overunity

Check out these overunity machine:

Question by worried individual: How steep can a SMOT(simple magnetic overunity toy) ramp be?
How steep can a SMOT(basic magnetic overunity toy) ramp be prior to the ball can't climb up anymore?

note:I am just talking about 1 ramp, exactly where te ball climbs up, falls, and that is all it does
ps YES, I know this is not overunity and can't be built as an overunity device, but it can be just built as a ramp. My question is just about the maximum

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Green energy future

Some recent green power Tip on residence:

Two minute video clip promoting green power technique for western

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Renewable energy for the Earth? Abstract Art

Check out these machines renewable energy : renewable power for the Earth? Abstract Art Peak year bterrycompton Renewable power for the Earth? Abstract Art question by Kyle H : Renewable energy If you begin a career designing and operating with renewable power would be solar, wind, hydro ect. What would be your job title? If I had to begin a career to the study of renewable energy such as solar power, and try to improve the globe what would be my job title? I do not want to be the

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Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Grow Wheat-Grass-in-pots

Check out these free magnet energy machine:

How to Grow Wheat-Grass-in-pots

Image by Barry Gourmet and Raw
Takes only 7days to make for beverages to cleanse the Blood, support your Immunity, & Lose Weight

How to Grow Wheat Grass in Pots?

Barry's introduction for Wheat Grass methods and uses:
Written by Barry Gourmet & Raw © Copyright September 13th 2011

This article is one of the most important health and wellness tips that I am putting on the

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tell me the rest of the story...

Check out these energy of totally free machine:

tell me the rest of the story...

Image by dlemieux
this isn't 1 of my Energy of Self contest entries but one of my favorites. Right now is the last day for me to pimp my portfolio! Please take a couple of seconds to vote if you have been following my function and care. :-)
Click on the stars at the bottom of the page exactly where it says Rate This Portfolio. Thank you!

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Energy Bill Nice plans

The energy bill of some gorgeous PowerPlan I identified: Understanding your electricity bill Peak year uSwitch What is the money you pay for your gas and electric utilities are actually spent? concern of The Dude ? Power bill Do you have a roommate who went on tour with his band for a month. We're each paying rent of 50% and utilities. He comes back and says he should not pay for the electricity bill, because he was gone. What I can control when he decides to have left for the month? Is

Tesla Energy Device

Magnet motor without an energy test

Power magnet motor at zero power: src = This is my initial style magnetic motor for this thing. Not too technical.Video Note: two / 5

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Plans: Water Battery - Quest For Free Electricity Part 1

Free Electricity on zero energy:

I saw this on The guy used a copper wire and tin foil. I was able to get better voltage readings with a slot protector. He says to use foil or zinc. The other guy could get a calculator to run, I could not. If you look up other free energy water experiments peopple can get sparks from dripping water. Please share any success you have if you can make this useful. Someone thought I was picking up EMF so I went to the

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nice Perpetual Motion Machine Plans

A couple of nice perpetual motion machine powerplan I located:

Question by bobert: What would be the point of a perpetual motion machine?
Lets say that an individual invents a perpetual motion machine. One that is possibly realistic and is 100 percent efficient. What could you feasible use it for other than possibly as a battery but even then the transfer from the machine to the outside world would come at a cost of efficiency, considering that if you take any energy out of it it will

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Cool Power Bill

Check out these machines electricity bill: my electricity bill Peak year brendan.wood question Jhoanne ? Electricity bill Besides, I do not pay for the Internet. I have a business center in my apartment so I'm going there to use on the personal computer. I want to know how many days late can I be on my electric bill. I do not have sufficient money to pay the bill in the month of October, in the 10th by means of November was my next monthly bill payment is due December 10th. I have $

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Nice Green Energy Solutions Plans

Some cool green power solutions Function:

Question by Syahmi: Green Power Solutions : What is the best green power solutions that may possibly low-cost and cost-effective by everyone?
We are concerning how the quite practical way to save our earth by using renewable power or green power. What is the greatest green power solutions that may low cost and affordable by everyone?

Ideal answer:
Answer by Jamesnuclear power.

Give your answer to this question

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Perpetual Motion and Nikola Tesla (Tapping Infinite Energy)

Perpetual Motion Motor on zero energy: New website added, check it out if you want some pointers to creating the theory on a perpetual motion machine. Also working schematics and diagrams. : ) Let me first say something here. This is not perpetual motion in the sense that conventional science would normally believe of it. First of all, the law of conversation of power IS NOT broke here folks and complies completely with most identified laws of physics. Those laws do

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Lifehacker - Best Music Streaming Services, reduce your energy bill and bring friends to Facebook Google Plus! ...

Bill power, you should keep an eye on: saw more and more of our music, our phones, thanks to DLNA and it is quite easy to get music on your home theater system. Whitson and Dachis show you how for both Android and iPhone. We also discussed how your electric bill during the summer, low-cost migration of your Facebook friends to Google Plus-talk, and a whole lot more. ~ ~ ~ 0:46 - Ask Lifehacker: How do you rate music from your phone to a house? Android: iOS: 2:17

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Everbody's Free (to wear sunscreen..)

Some cool energy of cost-free Work:

Everbody's Cost-free (to wear sunscreen..)

Image by AtilaTheHun
Ladies and Gentlemen... Wear Sunscreen
Enjoy the energy and beauty of your youth. Never mind. You will not realize the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded. But trust me, in 20 years you will appear back at pictures of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how significantly possibility lay ahead of you and how fabulous you genuinely looked.
Greatest viewed

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Pathway to Power-Bill Crum-Come Down to Me

Some current Energy Bill Tip on house:

Pathway to Power Worship Center 2283 Eakin Road North Columbus, OH 43223

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cool Magnet Energy

A couple of nice magnet power powerplan I discovered:

Student Using Power Measurement Devices

Image by CERTs
4th and 6th Grade students at Miltona Science Magnet School went on an power audit of their school and investigated brightness of rooms with light meters and thermal conductivity of objects in and around the creating. This student is holding a light meter (on leading) and an infrared camera.

Question by Don't be concerned... be happy: Is a magnet a source of energy?
Lets take a

Tesla Energy Device

MOTOR COIL magnet generator over unity govsecrets

Overunity Generator on zero energy: MOTOR COIL magnet generator more than unity govsecrets
Video Rating: 4 /

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Forest's Energy

A few nice power of magnetic powerplan I discovered:

The Forest's Energy

Image by lrargerich
This forest near Miramar is studied for a geomagnetic anomaly. It's also 1 of the few closed forests just next to the ocean in the globe. I tried to show the "energy" of the location with the old trick of a camera zoom while exposing. Hope it works for you! View On

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Plans: Sustainable Energy Choices for the 21st Century

Sustainable Power on zero energy:

Climate alter and sustainability of the global human enterprise are two of the most essential concerns of the 21st Century. If we are to tackle these issues efficiently, we need to have to make prudent, evidence-based selections about power. This is the story told by this short animated video. For far more info and to continue to the discussion, check out the internet sites: (Barry Brook) http (Ben Heard) The short video was produced

Tesla Energy Device


free of charge electricity you should keep an eye on:

((((Kids)))-(DO NOT Attempt TO DO THIS Simply because THE GAS CAN BLOW UP AND Trigger Significant INJURY THIS IS Quite Hazardous, THIS VIDEO IS ONLY TO Support THE ADULTS Understand THE Process OF HOW IT WORKS AND ONLY ADULTS THAT HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO Manage GAS Need to BE THE ONLY ONES HANDLING IT, SO Don't Try THIS AT ALL) :01 generating gas (hydrogen) to use as fuel :01 make oxygen two:28 storing and making use of the gas four:40

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

free magnetic engine

Most common free magnetic power in residence:

free magnetic engine
Video Rating: 4 /

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off-grid yurt

Some cool Off Grid Function:

off-grid yurt

Image by Shira

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Energy_Animal dimensions

Check out these totally free energy download machine:

Energy_Animal dimensions

Image by

The Power_Animal is a device that produces renewable energy from the wind, the sun,
and the waves.
The Energy_Animal can generate energy is a selection of irregular weather conditions, creating a dependable output.
Mostly created of totally free recycled materials, attracting and concentrating marine life instead of repelling it.
One Energy_Animal can be part of an power

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Magnetic Field Generator (free energy)

Some recent magnetic field power Tip on home:
Video Rating: four /

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Friday, September 9, 2011 - Life (Mostly) Off the Grid

Some recent Off Grid Tip on home: - The Dervaes are living the green life in Pasadena,

Tesla Energy Device

FIFA 11 Tutorial - "The Power Free Kick" - Free Kick Tutorial 2

Most well-known energy for free in home:

My Channel My Facebook My Twitter **************************************************************** Well it is finally here the new totally free kick tutorials for FIFA 11. This tutorial is the simplest and easy guide to performing "The Energy Cost-free Kick", which is my individual favourite technique. You can score some wonderful lengthy rangers employing this. Music: Intro: Mt Eden Dubstep - Escape

Tesla Energy Device

Re: Free Energy Demo using Magnets (you can easily do at home)

Most Well-liked free residence energy for the house: my replica of the Hamel Spinner. Click on my profile, my replication of other "free energy" DEVICES. The magnets here are the means utilised are ceramic round magnets. PS Please give me your own concepts and theories about how it works, everyone's opinion is welcome! Rate comment and

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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Some new free of charge residence energy peak of the home: second component can be discovered here: Please share this video with your pals, every person knows what is possible nowadays. We do not need to have other sources of power to the grid.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Muller Magnetic Motor / Neogen 2008 1 / 2

Download Free Power zero-power: Free of charge Energy = Info Totally free! Cost-free download / save the video ... of Note: 4 / five

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Childhood, Take 2

A few good magnet motor energy powerplan I located:

Childhood, Take 2

Image by jurvetson
As with model rockets, a lot has improved in slot cars because the last time around: high-energy ceramic motor magnets, silicone rear tires, independent front wheel rotation, light-weight polymer traction magnets, separate energy supplies for 4 racing lanes, banked turns, and, of all things,

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Get the best energy deal in uk - Compare cheap gas and cheap electricity prices online

Most popular low cost electricity in house:

Moving to a less costly energy supplier won't aid you cut back on energy but it will save you dollars on the gas and electricity you do use. ( ) Britons have been warned to brace themselves for an enhance in gas and electricity as plunging temperatures increase the cost of our gas and electricity bill for the weeks to come. Snow, ice and freezing temperatures have caused demand to rocket by 30% compared to what would

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Green Energy Design

A few nice green power powerplan I discovered:

Green Power Design

Image by China Blu
FuoriSalone 2008 - GREEN Power Style. L'evento dedicato all’energia e al progetto di design eco-sostenibile ed eco-compatibile.

Dal 21 aprile al 1 maggio 2008.
Università degli Studi di Milano.

Question by Sawyer: Green energy?
My power supplier is offering possibilities of staying the identical (standard), going 50% green, or going 100% green.
Going green is far more expensive.
Any advice?


Tesla Energy Device

FREE ENERGY - Solar Powered Cell Phone Hack

cost-free power download you should preserve an eye on:

A lot more information - A way to convert your cell phone to solar power and take advantage of totally free energy. Solar powered Cell telephone

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Monday, September 5, 2011


Most common zero point in house:

Visit: and www.chza.deLIGHT: WE ARE Potent BEINGS. DEBT = SLAVERY. More Background-Info about „THE Biggest SECRET, David Icke, BENJAMIN FULFORD AGAINST DAVID ROCKEFELLER - ULTIMATUM AGAINST THE ILLUMINATI, CHINESE SECRET SOCIETIES CHALLENGES THE „ELITE on „DEUTSCHLAND AND „GEOMETRIE. Only if we know, who we are, can we know freedom. Time to choose: Freedom or Fascism. TIME TO WAKE UP! City of London + City of

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Commercial Fast Neutron Breeder Reactor for Cheap Electricity, Water, and Food

low-cost electricity you really should maintain an eye on:

A Nuclear Rapidly Breeder reactor produces much more fissionable Plutonium 239 than it consumes. This occurs by absorbing 1-2 neutrons per fissioned fuel atom with Uranium 238 which becomes U 239. U 239 is incredibly unstable and decays into Neptunium 239 and then even once again into Pu 239. The net result is an boost in fissionable supplies to be utilised as fuels. By jacketing a U 235 or Pu 239 core with U 238 and letting the

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Black, White & Orange

Check out these totally free energy energy machine:

Black, White & Orange

Image by Mink
free your energy

Question by serger: do Free ENERGY Power GENERATORs actually function?
watch it
do you feel it genuinely work

Best answer:
Answer by AAll he's carried out is to replace the electromagnetic windings of the armature with permanent magnets. It will nonetheless produce but will be unregulated and it will not generate as much

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Plans: Re: overunity MOTORS against the laws of physics

Most well-liked camping overunity: no cost energy from the vacuum in full swing. If you do not believe in the no cost energy to feel about it: The sun radiates its energy into space, all the stars, galaxies, quasars radiate almost everything is energy. This means, the vacuum is not empty and contains a lot of "hidden" energy that can be extracted by some devices, against the laws of physics (today). ====== "Applications abound in the globe for rural, remote, fishing, boating, caravans,

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Plans: Free Energy Generator and Overunity-John Searl and the Searl Effect Generator

Overunity Generator on zero energy: - Totally free Energy and Overunity-GOLDEN AGE Technology - John Searl and the Searl Impact Generator, Episode: 687, Air Date: 1 - August -

Tesla Energy Device

Nice Free Electric Plans

A few nice free electric powerplan I identified:

Question by Moso: A person told me that its probable to produce own generator which creates free electric energy?
Someone told me thats its achievable to generate own generator which creates free of charge electric energy?
Is this achievable?

Finest answer:
Answer by icezThere is no such factor as free of charge energy. The generator calls for function (a person cranking a wheel, or a gas-powered motor, a windmill, water current...anything),

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Plans: Free Energy - Bang Pop

Totally free Energy Zero Energy: src = Music Video of the free energy implementation of Pop

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CA Governor Jerry Brown, Bill-33% Signs Clean Power

most well-known electric bills at residence: No description.Video Note: / five

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FREE ENERGY Home Generator -Zero Point Energy - Off the Grid

free energy home you need to preserve an eye on:

Totally free ENERGY Home Generator -Zero Point Energy - Off the Grid. Produce Free of charge electricity - Actually...
Video Rating: 4 /

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